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Custom Logo Kid Jump - Kids, Dogs, and Hobby Horses Love them!

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Kid Horse Jump - Foot Jumps are fun and at the same time great exercise. For all horse lovers, pretend you are the horse and jump your way to a blue ribbon. What a great way to practice for your next horse show, or challenge your friends to a jump off. The possibilities are endless.

Customize your jump with your own Logo or Picture .... What a great gift!

We built the kid jumps with safety, quality, and ease of use in mind, providing years of fun. Constructed with Cedar wood which is naturally rot resistant, Marine Plastic is maintenance free and weather resistant, and permanent jumps cups - won't get lost. Lightweight and sturdy make them easy to move around. The poles are made of furniture grade pvc.  

The kid jumps are 3 feet tall and the poles are 4 feet long. 

Included in each set is 2 standards, and 2 striped poles.

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